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My father orders inventory from a company located in California. I only heard about this incident in great detail today when Southeastern Freight Lines arrived to deliver our restaurant inventory.

I was told that this man refused last week to deliver our things up the driveway unless we helped, which we were told not to by the company in California. They said that it's a liability if we help because we could get hurt, then where would we be? So last week, the man just up and left with our stuff. Now the company in California paid Southeastern Freight Lines to deliver it again and yesterday when my cousin called the company, they said so long as there are people home there should be no problem getting our items to where we want them to be.

What liars, there were three of us today and the man still just left the items at the end of our driveway. He said to me, "I'm a mailman. My job is to leave it right where I left it." My response was that "No man has ever left our stuff at the end of the driveway. And these aren't mail.

These are boxes." In which his response was, "This is mail. You get boxes in the mail too." I mean, wth? I should have told him that "No, You're not a mail man. You are a delivery man.

Your job is to deliver items to where we want you to, usually people deliver to the door. What kind of a bs delivery man are you?" Like honestly, they were very curt and unpleasant to my cousin when he called and asked them when they would be re-delivering our items. This man today took advantage of my naivete when I signed the papers, because I didn't know what occurred last week. The pictures attached are where the man left our items.

Allow me to remind you that there were three people on hand to help push it up the driveway.

We have been asked to do it before and we have done it before, until we were told that we actually should not be. Needless to say, the company we order our merchandise from will no longer be using Southeastern Freight Lines if they can help it.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Blairsville, Georgia, United States #836635

Lady you can't be for real . They are a freight line not your home delivery service.

to Ted Fairfax, Virginia, United States #841268

The ones in the past all delivered up our driveway (with our help) and we were told by the company that so long as people are present, he would deliver up to our driveway. So I don't know what it is you are referring to.

to karanamiyu94 #1032364

It all comes down to inside delivery charges and if they are in place on the paperwork. If there are none then someone ( the shipper or consigned ) must pay for that.

It takes more time for inside delivery thus costing the freight line more money.

If you took a job that you were told would take a half hour and wound up being an hour and a half I would imagine you would want to charge a more for the extra time. Spending the extra time to roll the pallet up the drive doesn't seem like much but through the course of a day when a driver could have as many as 20 deliveries, this could add up and potentially cause the deliveries to be made later in the day to maybe not get delivered at all.

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